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Dear visitor, with the following writings i will introduce you, over and over again, that we’re not a product of random evolution. I will show you, over and over again, that life is an evolving consciousness trying to… survive. I will show you, over and over again, that we are a logical result within ‘intelligent’ evolution we humans are a necessity for the next step in our evolutionary path; leaving the nest. By nest mean the necessity for life to be able to leave this planet in order to insure it’s survival. Nobody today denies the fact that life to survive will eventually leave the nest, our planet.

I will, over and over again, show that, in contrast to science, our life forces are real and we all know and experience them one way or the other every day. We use their names as metaphors for every kind of situation. These yin/yang, opposites, pain/pleasure forces defined by religions and philosophers since the dawn of men are the mundane forces that keep us alive. These three or trinity of life forces are the missing link between science and religion and reveal our creator, life. It is She, life, that created us, humans, in Her image (and His) to look for Him, God, up in the heavens. If there is a 'God' residing in heaven, we'll find Him. If not, other explanations will arise from our quest.

I answer the question; what’s in the sky that life needs to adapt to if she wants to survive?

Or.. now we’ve (life) conquered the planet, what is it that comes from beyond and threatens our existence?

Please read as much as you can bear and call me on any discrepancy you can find, and I assure you there must be a lot.

But anyway, thank you for your time.

Martijn van Galen Last

And oh,… my warning earlier hints at the soon coming demise of our precious fought entitlements to not have to suffer unnecessary. We're now destined to fend for ourselves. Our western leading philosophy of life, the fallacy of survival of the fittest, will prevail for a short time, creating massive suffering. But our ability to adapt will lead us eventually to the knowledge of our purpose for being here...

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