However you see, feel or project yourself into this world, we're only here for one thing. To learn. To learn what, you say? To learn how to be an individual between individuals. Our most important goal is how we deal with 'the other'. The other, or if you prefer 'your neighbour', is the ultimate necessity for surviving in the long run.

Life is forever evolving, forever living. For life to survive many incredible adaptations can be seen and studied. We to easily forget 'us' humans when we grapple with our environment. We forget that it is our consciousness that defines our surroundings.

We also forget that for life to survive indefinitely She'll have to leave this planet eventually. Life, like us, is trying, failing and trying again. Eventually She succeeds in Her efforts. Just like us.

For life to survive means adapting to the universe surrounding our nest, Earth. Leaving the nest is the only way to survive. We know that now. 

Human kind as we define it today, inherited a planet full of life, therefore full of sustenance. Today we're exploiting Her recourses as expected.

The evolutionary process we're in will eventually aid life to create individuals able to leave our planet. Individuals who are conscious of their interdependence with their surroundings, more important still, of their future need for 'the other' when we'll have to leave this planet, our nest. 

Life or the process of evolution isn't dumb or blind, She's surviving. Our consciousness began, scientist say, 3,5 billion years ago (hmm... time, times and  half a time...). The pain and pleasure metaphors found in philosophical and religious thought throughout history and within all cultures, are bourn from our first interaction with our environment, 3,5 billion years ago.


Even though modern day, western, atheist, scientific thought keep telling us there is no goal to be defined in the proces of evolution, there obviously is. Life's purpose is to live and keep living as long as possible. We call it 'survival of the fittest'. But in our universe Life by nature is weak, to survive She needs to interact with her enviroment. Modern science and philosophy fail miserably defining the absolute first interaction of Life with her enviroment. It's pretty sad.

It's not the ever quoted 'spontaneously copying of molecules' that kickstarted Life, something came before. Before copying or reproduction, Life fed Herself. It might have taken fractions of a second, but before Life reproduced, She fed herself.

For Life to grow and evolve feeding is a precondition. Just like with all lifeforms we know of now, studied, no lifeform reproduces before feeding. 

So to define a reliable definition for a Life Force I redirect you to the title of this blog. 

Hunger is our primal pain, Lust our primal pleasure. We can experience both when we just stop eating. 

This primal Pain-Pleasure paradigm we find within most, if not all, religions and philosphies around the world. This primal duality of our consciousness eventually created the third force of Life to complete the trinity of our consiousness, Fear.

I know that something dear to us and most important is is missing here. Love. But after 3,5 bollion years of Life and evolution, Love is our only hope for survival. When we are forced to leave this planet, we have nothing to retreat to. No planet full of sustenance that we can fall back on. We'll be totally depending on each other. Hence the universal: 'do not unto others what you don't want others to do unto you'. Or, the more simple Abrahamic version: Love your neighbour as youself.

I can't put it more plainly; We're here taking part in one of the most important experiments of Life; creating a highly intelligent 'individual' capable of independent thought and analisys and fully aware of our common purpose, to survive.

What will come would amaze you if you could fathom it. Life has survived for billions of years. As long as there is food, Life can live eternal. The amazing thing is, so will we.

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